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Miss World - Top Model

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Miss World - Top Model

Post by Anne Steph on Sat Dec 05, 2009 11:16 am

This Year Miss World Top Model winner indeed was Mexico. First of all I would like to Congrats Mexico.

All these below country should be top model simply because they are better looking than Mexico. Yes I am very happy that she won.

Nevertheless the judges should take a look at these country the contestant below they were beautiful, charming and elegrant of their life. And they are real model over in Miss World 2009.

1) Belarus
2) Brazil
3) Colombia
4) Italy
5) Malaysia
6) Paraguay
7) Spain
9) Turkey

I was very surprise that Vietnam was chosen as Runner up. She is just ordinery asian girl. I find nothing special on her. Although she is tall, sweet, cute it does not mean that she will capture the crown of Miss World and Asia Queen of Beauty. For your information she still don’t know her faith to see whether is she going to enter top 15 or not. This is a big question.I agreed with you that both Vietnam and Malaysia still did not enter to semi final yet.Why don’t you guys talking about Japan, she already advance to semi final, right now she is the only asia country enter to semi final right. She should be Asia Queen of Beauty cause she is qualify already.

i wonder why all of you was thinking that Vietnam 100% sure that she will win the crown, top 5 or Asia queen of beauty. Just beacause she was the runner up of top model. You guys really dream. Be realitic. They are so many contestant who were so pretty than you know that who will be Asia Queen of Beauty, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. These are the country that they judges will take notice of them. NO VIETNAM this year.

For Miss World they are so many girl 100 times better than Vietnam. Well I think Julia loves charming girls. She will not crown Miss Vietnam. If you talking about her faith enter to semi final I will support you. She is not the Miss World quality as I think. I am not trying here to disappoint you. Please prepre for the worst.


Anne Steph

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Re: Miss World - Top Model

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:21 am

mexico....she is totally gorgeous!!


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