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Wh0 will host Miss World 2011?

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Wh0 will host Miss World 2011?

Post by Angelo Batista on Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:19 am

Kazakhstan, Malaysia, China, Trinidad & Tobago, Philippines. Who will host Miss World 2011? Try to guess it, as the official announcement is about to be made!

During the last few weeks Julia Morley, Chairman and CEO of Miss World Limited has been visiting the short listed countries that have been bidding to host the Miss World 2011 final. The Miss World website has seen a large increase in activity as the announcement of the winning bid draws near.

As the final submissions are made by the candidate cities, thousands of additional online visitors have been following Julia Morley and the Miss World team, trying to guess which country will host a record 120 nations for the most famous beauty festival, in the world.

In the past few weeks, Tobago and its sister isle Trinidad in February have become suprise front runners for hosting 2011 Miss World Final, after Julia Morley met with Tobago’s Chief Secretary Orville London and the Minister for Development, Mrs.Vernella Alleyne-Toppin. The visit so impressed Mrs Morley that she told the Chief Secretary that she was confident in Tobago’s capability to stage a world class final. If the event is held in Tobago, it is expected to bring a massive economic boost to the region and open the door for other premier world events to be staged on this Island paradise.

Meanwhile the Miss World team is visiting the other candidate countries for the final time.

Will the Island of Tobago be able to hold off the bids from its much bigger rivals in South East Asia, including China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Philippines. That answer will soon be revealed!
If they do so, Tobago will, make history in becoming the first country of the Caribbean or Latin America, to win the bid to stage the Miss World Festival !!
Angelo Batista

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Re: Wh0 will host Miss World 2011?

Post by PRINCE CALIXTO on Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:12 am

Nobody knows yet, cuz Trinidad & Tobago will not be able 2 host it.. It would be grea8 and different if it's hosted by the USA, specially since MW 2010 is from that country!

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