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Ivian Sarcos is destined to win Miss World 2011!

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Ivian Sarcos is destined to win Miss World 2011!

Post by POB reporter on Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:46 pm

According to my friend Hernan:

As you all know, i had written a large amount of patterns prompting me to believe Ivian would win and I was right. It was pretty obvious.

More and more patterns emerge for mw.
Ivian sarcos representing vene nabbed the crown for the followin reasons:

1. This is the 61st anniversary. If the number is backwards, it's 16. Vene will win after 16 years

2. Ivian has 5 letters and Sarcos has . Vene will move from 5 crowns to 6.

3. Iviarn sarcos has 11 letters = she'll win in novemebr wich is the 11th month. In 2011 = 11

4. In mu in 2006 vene didn't place, in 2007 2nd ru and in 2008 it won. It's folloeng the same trend in mw. It didnt place in 2009, in 2010 it was 2nd ru meaning that in 2011, it'll win!

5.Usa crowned vene in 1981, which will follow the same pattern in miss world 2010 usa crowning vene in 2011.

6. USA won in 1990 in mw and then crowned vene in 1991. So it means that 0 and 1 are lucky numbers for usa and vene, which will happen this year as well.

7 in 1995 usa crowned vene in 1996, in that year aguilera was the runner up to Machado, which means USA will be crowning vene again, especially after it crowned Machado 15 years.

8. Alicia won 15 years ago crowned by usa. Alicia has six letters and 1+5 = 6. 15 years!

9. Aguilera won in 1995 and vene wil win in 2011, if yoi take the last number of the year it'll be 5+1=6 vene will win its sixth crown!

10. Ivian represented Amazonas just like Dayan Mendoza. And the year before both of them vene was 2nd ru and two years before, it didn't place.

11. The pageant is held on november 6. 6 meaning six crowns for vene and 11 for the month which is november.

12. Crowns = 6 letters. Vene will win its sixth crown.

13. London has six letters. That's tge host country, which worked for Angola 6 in Brazil = 6. 6 6 6 it's frightening. Will she be the dark side's spawn.

15. If you though that was scary, vene will win its 6th crown in 2011, which means vene will have 6 mu 6mw and 6 mi. That's scary, isn't it?

16. Mexico won 20 years ago in mu crowning an african country, which will happen again in mw. Usa won 20 years ago and crowned vene and it'll happen again.

17. 1 is a lucky number for vene, it won in 1981 mu and in 1991 mw skipping 2001 for mu but then continuing the pattern with a double digit number 11, 2011

18. 20 11 after 20 years in 1991 and this year being 11.

19. A double digit number will help vene. It won in 1955 then in 11. From 1 to 4, there's 4. Vene won after four years in mw, in 1991 and 1995.

20. In 1981 vene won mw in londond. The years ends in 1 and it'll win in 2011.

21. Dayana has 6 letters in london 6 letter and vene winning its 6th crown.

22. Vene won after 16 years if you invert the 6. It'll be 9 and mexico won after 19 years crow i g and african country after 19 years. Netherkands made it after 19 years in mu, and lupita won in 1991 19 91 reversed 19. California won after 19 years, etc.

23. Vene won in 81 and then 84 = if you take the last number it'll be 1 and 4. Then in the 90's 91 and 95. Ditto here 1. 5. 1+5 = 6 = 16 years!

24. Vene won in 1955 and 2011. 55 + 11 = 66. And she won on november 6th. Three 6s again! Scary!!!

25. In 2009 vene moved from 5 crowns to 6 in mu. In 2010 vene mkved from 5 to 6 in mi. So it was obious she'd move from 5 to 6 in mw!!! Completing the beat's number!

26. Usa crowned vene in mu in 1995 and 1996. Take the kast number. 5+6=11 ivian won in November the 11th month

27. Vene should've won in 2001 due to the fact that 1 is a lucky number for vene. Look 1981, 1991 , but missed in 2001 making up for it with two 1s 2011.

28. 2011 20 0 being the last number followed by 1. Usa has ways crowned vene from a 0 year to a 1year.

29. Venezuela has 9 letter. If inverted it would read 6. Ivian won its sixth crown.

30brazil has six letter angola won it has 6 letter and africa won and it has six letters.

31. Vene won in 55 1981 84 = 1+4=5 91 95 1+5 = 6 5+6 = 11
55 + 11 = 66

32. Vene won in 79 and 81 in mu then in 09 and 11 mu and mw. Winning years for vene!

33 US has two letters and venezuela has 9. 2+9=11 2011

34. Julia morley has 11 letters. 2011.

35. Adriana vasinibwas invuted to mw becauae they were very hapoynwith vene. It hinted that vene would win

36. Ninibeth leal was invited as well. It hinted that it was goinnto ventheir 20th anniversya. US won after 20 years.
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Re: Ivian Sarcos is destined to win Miss World 2011!

Post by Desi on Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:02 am

Sorry, but I do not believe in this, for me it was her day. Smile

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Re: Ivian Sarcos is destined to win Miss World 2011!

Post by JENN on Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:16 pm


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Re: Ivian Sarcos is destined to win Miss World 2011!

Post by jimrey1989 on Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:31 pm

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Re: Ivian Sarcos is destined to win Miss World 2011!

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